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Proud to be Sea Scouts

Sea scouting is the branch of the scouting movement that specialises in water activities.

Although most scouts have the opportunity for boating activities, such as sailing and canoeing, the sea scout programme also incorporates many aspects of naval and nautical traditions.

Sea scout training is aimed at making a young person as much at home on the water as they are on land. It teaches them nautical skills and seamanship in a range of craft.

The Royal Navy shows its support for sea scouting by offering a recognition scheme to 101 sea scout groups or units at any one time. This involves regular inspections and the rewards for membership are both financial and in the form of access to facilities and events.

The scheme dates back to 1919 following the impressive service scouts gave during World War I in such duties as ‘coast watching’. Royal Navy recognition has recently been reaffirmed by a substantial upgrading of the support offered.

9th Lymington Sea Scout Group is proud to be one of the 101 Royal Navy recognised groups in the UK and to have held this prestigious recognition since 1939 following the impressive service given by 9th Lymington Sea Scouts during the First World War. Our most recent inspection was ‘First Class, with the young people being excellent ambassadors for the Royal Navy and fully deserving RN recognition.”

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